Customers Are in Focus at Augmented World Expo

By Christine Perey and Ketan Joshi

Every enterprise AR project is a tremendous learning experience. While every enterprise AR project requires a team, there’s always that shining hero without whose commitment the project would not have come into existence. These heroes of enterprise AR will be the focus of attention during a full day of sessions of the Augmented World Expo 2016 Enterprise AR track.

The in-house managers of the first enterprise AR projects at customer organizations are a special breed. They are special by virtue of their vision, their passion, their persistence and their ability to span many disciplines and stakeholders.

On the one hand they must master dialects of an emerging “Augmented Reality” language that vendors speak, from the nitty gritty details of tracking technology to the subtleties of interactions like hand gestures and voice commands. On the other, they must know when and how to manage their company’s internal IT department priorities and constraints.

And they are rarely recognized for their role in bringing Augmented Reality from science project to enterprise-ready solution.

Bringing the Best and Brightest to the AWE Stage

The AREA is hosting the AWE Enterprise AR track. June 2 will be dedicated to presentations by, and discussions with extraordinary enterprise project managers as they share their important AR project achievements.


While AREA members will bring these pioneering enterprise project managers to the AWE stage, we are sure there are many others who have gone unnoticed.

  • Are you a leader in a company that has been testing enterprise AR?
  • Did you sacrifice nights, weekends and holidays to make sure that your project stayed on course and could continue?
  • Do you feel you’ve had to reset every goal and yet have never forgotten the ultimate benefits that your company could gain from enterprise AR introduction?

We hope you will let us know if you are one of this special breed, or if you know a manager at a customer company who has such experiences to share.

A Simple Framework

During these AREA-hosted Enterprise AR track sessions, AWE delegates will learn about a variety of unique enterprise Augmented Reality pilot projects and deployments. The presentations will follow a framework that will provide practical guidance to those who will follow in their footsteps.

The case studies will cover:

  • Use cases
    • Tasks or processes prior to AR implementation and selection criteria
  • Custom or off-the-shelf tools and services used in the project
    • Selection process of project partners
  • Project time and resource requirements
  • Demonstration or a video of the solution in action
  • Project outcomes and their measurement
  • Future plans

With your support, we are looking forward to identifying and bringing together the heroes of enterprise AR projects and celebrating their achievements on June 2.

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