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Enterprises Want to Use Wearables

Nov 3 2015

Many workplace scenarios require use of both hands to manipulate physical world objects. Having a display on the wrist or...

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Augmented Reality Developer Options after Metaio

Oct 30 2015

This post originally was published in French on Just before summer, we launched a survey to better understand the...

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Augmented Reality’s Expanding Role in the Automotive Value Chain

Oct 26 2015

  Use Cases for the Factory Floor With successful conclusions of pilots and trials, Augmented Reality continues to move into...

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ESA Puts Augmented Reality Through the Paces

Oct 2 2015

There’s a lot of attention currently focused on how NASA is planning to send Microsoft HoloLens hardware to space to...

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Augmented Reality Use-cases at Newport News Shipbuilding

Sep 25 2015

Shipbuilding has been the perfect environment for industrial innovation for hundreds of years. Sails to steam, wood to iron, rivets...

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Augmented Reality Can Increase Productivity

Aug 20 2015

Technological and cultural shifts that result in enhancements in manufacturing tend to increase complexity in products and processes. In turn,...

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Why Augmented Reality and Collaboration Make for a Safer and Better World

Apr 25 2015

Augmented Reality (AR)-enabled systems show a mechanic how to repair an engine, or perhaps in the future will guide an...

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Augmented Reality at CES 2015 is Better and Bigger Than Ever

Jan 21 2015

There’s something for everyone at CES. Do you need a way to store your earbuds so the cables aren’t tangled?...

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