Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Presentation and workshop materials

The AREA 2019 Workshop

We held our third successful annual AREA workshop, this year in collaboration with the AMRC, over 26 – 27 March at the Factory 20150 venue in Sheffield. With over 70 participants from across a range of industries the 2 days were packed with presentations, workshops, live demos, hands-on activities and more.

We’re pleased to share here a selection of the materials that were presented and used over the 2 days and hope to add more as they become available. If you have any queries or feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]


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#1 Workshop introduction and overview            The AREA’s Chairman, Paul Davies and Executive Director, Mark Sage            
#2 Introduction   The AMRC
#3 Join the AR Journey: an overview and introduction to AR – use cases Case studies from:


Welsh Water

AREA & AMRC Workshop – Case Study – ExxonMobil

AREA & AMRC Workshop – Case Study – Welsh Water

#4 Workshop – Understanding AR Use cases and Requirements The AREA’s Dr. Michael Rygol

AREA & AMRC Workshop – Use Case Examples

AREA & AMRC Workshop – Use Case Template

#5 ‘The Next Frontier of Collaboration: Exploring the cognitive gap and potential of XR technologies’  Theorem’s David Francis 
#6 The AREA Research Capability  The AREA’s Board Member, Christine Perey
#7 Human centred design for enterprise AR applications THREESIXTY, a London-based
consultancy specialising in user
experience for immersive
#8 AREA Safety Committee Infographic: recording The AREA


#9 Human Factors and the related Safety challenges facing organisations on the AR adoption journey The AREA & MTC
#10 AREA Security Committee – Security is Key: recording Brainwave