Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Presentation and workshop materials

The AREA 2019 Workshop

We held our third successful annual AREA workshop, this year in collaboration with the AMRC, over 26 – 27 March at the Factory 20150 venue in Sheffield. With over 70 participants from across a range of industries the 2 days were packed with presentations, workshops, live demos, hands-on activities and more. 

We’re pleased to share here a selection of the materials that were presented and used over the 2 days and hope to add more as they become available. If you have any queries or feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out to


Presentation title




Workshop introduction and overview          

 The AREA’s Chairman, Paul Davies and Executive Director, Mark Sage            





Join the AR Journey: an overview and introduction to AR – use cases

Case studies from:


Welsh Water

AREA & AMRC Workshop – Case Study – ExxonMobil

AREA & AMRC Workshop – Case Study – Welsh Water


Workshop – Understanding AR Use cases and Requirements

The AREA’s Dr. Michael Rygol

AREA & AMRC Workshop – Use Case Examples

AREA & AMRC Workshop – Use Case Template


‘The Next Frontier of Collaboration: Exploring the cognitive gap and potential of XR technologies’ 

Theorem’s David Francis 


The AREA Research Capability 

The AREA’s Board Member, Christine Perey


Human centred design for enterprise AR applications

THREESIXTY, a London-based
consultancy specialising in user
experience for immersive


AREA Safety Committee Infographic: recording




Human Factors and the related Safety challenges facing organisations on the AR adoption journey



AREA Security Committee – Security is Key: recording