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From time to time we’ll share reviews on AR hardware, software and enterprise solutions from our members or external bodies and organisations. Please note that these views and opinions do not represent those of the AREA.

AREA Member reviews


AfterNow, a mixed reality design and development studio based in Culver City, California, is building the future of spatial computing. Their mission is to enhance how humans interact with machines to work, play and socialize.

Spatial – Collaborating in AR

Spatial, an augmented reality platform startup, is one of the most promising collaborative AR platforms currently in development. The platform allows users to turn any room into an immersive shared augmented reality workspace. Attendees can join as semi-realistic 3D avatars of themselves and upload 3D models, notes, and any other data on a shared wall or in the space of the room itself.

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Form goggles

Form goggles are swim goggles with a smart display with the goal to help swimmers train more efficiently. They are connected to your phone through the form app, where you can choose what type of set up you want to be displayed/calculated, the instructions are very simple and easy to follow.

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