Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

AREA Research Agenda

Members of the AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) seek to accelerate the adoption of Enterprise AR by reducing barriers to adoption and accelerating the development of a vibrant ecosystem. If there were answers to all the questions about AR, the process of adoption would be clear. At this time, however, there are substantial gaps in knowledge.

To address this void, the AREA membership has created a Research Agenda, a collaborative, industry-wide effort to map out the most relevant research work done to date. But, many important questions have not been answered – or even asked yet. Therefore the Research Agenda also identifies those domains that reflect AREA members’ unaddressed requirements and systematically identify and prioritize industry-wide topics and subjects recommended for future research efforts.

This industry-wide research agenda can be used to:

AREA membership is a diverse group that is comprised of three distinct segments:

As no institute, company, or organization has all the expertise and resources needed to address all the gaps in our current knowledge of AR, AREA membership, and the field, in general, will benefit from diverse research approaches, partners and stakeholders.

Desired Outcomes
Use Case Categories
Research Methodologies