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AREA-Directed Research: RFP Submission

Customer Problem

Many companies employ 3D models for printing (e.g., STL, X3D, and OBJ), CAD (e.g., STP, ACIS), Geographic Information Systems and Building Information Modeling systems and point clouds generated by mapping technologies. These models contain valuable information in 3D but, without further manipulation, are often ill-suited for use by popular AR toolkits, frameworks and engines.

The lack of “dynamic” or direct 3D asset ingestion interfaces or processes drives up total cost of AR introduction, use/ownership and time required to successfully deploy 3D-enriched AR experiences in enterprise.

The newest AREA-directed research project is designed to address this issue.

Project Goals

The goals of the AREA-directed research project are:

Key Questions the Project Will Answer

  1. What are the most popular AR execution and rendering engines and frameworks of interest to AREA members that need dynamic 3D asset ingestion?
  2. What are the key toolchains of interest to AREA members that are being used to generate 3D assets for AR applications?
  3. Do the 3D and AR toolchains and frameworks currently support any standards? If so, what are they?
  4. What formats (inputs and outputs) do the toolchains and frameworks currently support?
  5. What are the failures or incompatibilities when using a subset of toolchains and delivering the final models to a few specific AR devices used in enterprise?


This AREA research project will produce three deliverables:

Desired Outcomes

Based on this research project, AREA members will be able to make better informed decisions when building data pipelines for use of existing or future 3D assets in AR experiences. By testing the current AR frameworks, toolkits and data preparation pipelines, the project will document/measure the results produced by different commercial and non-commercial solutions.

The research will help AREA members understand the pros and cons of the different approaches available under the controlled conditions of this research. AREA members will be better able to evaluate the tools and approaches that they deploy in order to reuse different types of existing enterprise 3D assets in AR experiences given their unique circumstances.

Proposal Components

Proposal will include:

Selection Criteria

All proposals will be evaluated by the AREA research committee chair and research manager on the following criteria:

Timeline and Deadlines

Please use the submission form below to submit your proposal on or before 12 PM Eastern Daylight Time April 1st, 2020.

The AREA will provide detailed replies to submitters on or before April 10.

Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, the research project is expected to take 90 days. Research will be completed and finished deliverables provided to the AREA by July 29th.

Budget for this Project

The AREA Research Committee budget for this project is $15,000.


For answers to any questions concerning this project and the AREA Research Committee, please send an email to the Research Committee.

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