VentureBeat – Four Enterprise AR trends to watch in 2020

VentureBeat has produced a detailed look at the enterprise AR trends to watch in 2020.

Augmented reality’s rocky road to consumer adoption hasn’t stopped the same technologies from being adopted by enterprises. Some of AR’s key hurdles — fashionability, broad usage scenarios, and affordability — aren’t preventing big, expensive, and narrow-purpose headsets from succeeding as business tools, on at least a limited scale.

After a few years of slow growth, enterprise AR appears poised for impressive leaps forward in 2020. Here are four big trends that will be worth following over the next 12 months.

The full details can be read on the original article and comprise the following:

  1. Improved hardware
  2. Better mobility with new wireless tech
  3. More – and better – AR software
  4. Competition and consolidation


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