Trends in Augmented Reality CES 2020

An article was published by AREA member IEEE entitled “CES 2020 Trends: Get Ready for Holographs, Augmented Reality, and Smart Bathrooms”

Key noteworthy information from author Tekla S Perry, includes:

“Augmented reality will be everywhere, while virtual reality gets less attention.”

Perry states that “This shift is good news for me. Motion sickness makes it unpleasant to fully immerse myself in a virtual world, while augmented reality (AR) devices, which superimpose digital images on real objects, suit me just fine. CES exhibitors will show off lots of new AR glasses at this year’s show, as well as advances in the underlying technology.”


Bosch, for example, is pitching a new optical light drive module, a stack of MEMS mirrors, sensors, processors, and other hardware that can be built into smart glasses to create an AR display. Futurus Technology will introduce a mixed reality car windshield. And Magic Leap promises a live demo of new apps as the well-funded AR startup pivots to focus more on business than consumer applications, at least in the short term.


In other news, The Financial Times has AR glasses as the FIRST item in trends to be looking for. The short analysis focuses on AR for consumers, but Paul Travers (CEO of Vuzix) is quoted in this piece entitled “What to look for at CES 2020: 8K TV, the passenger economy and ‘smart everything’”

The AREA Research Committee is planning a Research webinar on the new products and services announced and expected in the coming year. Check back soon for information.

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