The Role of Augmented Reality in Enterprise Asset Management EAM

As part of a wider article covering game changers in enterprise asset management (EAM) augmented maintenance is discussed alongside IoT.  The source article is Game Changers: New enterprise asset management (EAM) Technology developments are transforming employee and business efficiency.  The author is Simon Davis, Executive Managing Director at Newmark Knight Frank.

Davis writes: “Augmented reality is emerging in the EAM world, particularly enhancing maintenance routines.

The ability to view volumes of data such as manufacturers’ manuals, preventative maintenance plans, etc while also viewing the actual asset under repair, is streamlining maintenance routines and ensuring the actions taken are effective.

While AR can help a technicians quickly identify the barcode, and with it inventory stock and location, of a repaired part, in the future the same part may be 3D printed and used instantly.


The author claims technology is going to continue to impact EAM positively:

  • Newer solutions will enable more effective and efficient asset management
  • Quicker issue resolutions
  • Greater insight into areas where cost savings can be realised


Other technology aspects discussed in the source article include:

  • Data insight drive predictive maintenance and facility efficiency
  • Work order enablement in common workspaces


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