The 10 Biggest AR Investments of 2018

Next Reality News has produced a summary of the ten biggest AR investments of the year. In 2018 venture capitalists and strategic investors have continued to fund AR startups at a rapid pace during the year. The article explains that AR is being used in many enterprises such as oil industry, medical industry and revolutionizing training, etc.  We already know there are real savings to be made using AR. This article looks at the top 10 companies that convinced investors to spend on AR in 2018.

Information about all the following investments and videos can be found in the full comprehensive write up:

WaveOptics $26 million

CTRL_Labs $28 million

Varjo 30 million

Ubility6 37.5m million

Mojo Vision 50 million

WayRay 80 million

Rokid 100 million

Niantic 200 million

Magic Leap 461 million

Epic Games 1.25 billion

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