Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference 2017 Day One Recap

Recap of Day One of the 12th annual Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise (ETE) Conference. The conference was held on Tuesday April 18, 2017 at the Society Hill Sheraton in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One of the keynote speakers was Blair McIntyre, Principal Research Scientist at Mozilla and Professor of School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology (an AREA Member).

This two-day Emerging Technologies event was organized by Chariot Solutions, an IT consulting company located in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. It included a keynote by Augmented Reality Pioneer Blair MacIntyre.  Other speakers were:

Monica Beckwith (JVM performance consultant at Oracle)

Andrea Goulet (CEO at Corgibytes)

Yehuda Katz (Co-Creator of Ember.js)

Jessica Kerr (lead Engineer at Atomist)

Jake Wharton (Android Engineer at Square)

Augmented Reality Pioneer, Blair MacIntyre, kicked off the day one activities with a keynote address entitled The Web as Platform for Augmented Reality Experiences. MacIntyre defined Augmented Reality as “mixing media with a person’s perception of the world registered in 3D, in real time.”  MacIntyre explored the past, present, and possible future of augmented reality from Ivan Sutherland’s The Ultimate Display in 1968 to head mounted displays that could one day look like regular glasses.

For a full recap of Day 1, the article by InfoQ can be read here 

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