Choosing your AR Smart Glasses Vendor in 2022

XR Today has a useful article on choosing your AR smart glasses vendor in 2022. The ability to access augmented reality experiences through phones and tablets is one of the many reasons why this form of extended reality has grown rapidly in recent years.

However, while smartphone apps can give us a taste of the benefits AR can offer, there’s a whole new world of opportunities available when we explore AR wearables.

Augmented Reality glasses are becoming an increasingly exciting concept, particularly as numerous brands like Apple and Meta (previously Facebook) discuss introducing their own fashionable versions.

With unit sales expecting to reach around 3.9 million by 2024, many companies will be wondering how to pick the ideal vendor for their own AR smart glasses investment.

The article talks through the things to consider in detail when choosing a wearable AR solution.

  1. What do you need AR smart glasses for?
  2. What are your crucial features?
  3. Prioritise comfort and ease of use
  4. Research the vendor

The original article can be read in full here. 

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