Breakthroughs coming soon in AR and VR

Readers will be curious to know what analysts and thought leaders predict is coming up for the Augmented and Virtual Reality industries. An article on Singularity Hub by Peter Diamandis addresses this very topic.

Today’s most prominent tech giants are leaping onto the VR/AR scene, each driving forward new and upcoming product lines. Think: Microsoft’s HoloLens, Facebook’s Oculus, Amazon’s Sumerian, and Google’s Cardboard (Apple plans to release a headset by 2021).

The author consults his friend Philip Rosedale, VR AR expert, on five emerging trend predictions that will take hold, together disrupting major players and birthing new ones.  These are:

  1. Transition from PC-based to standalone mobile VR devices
  2. Wide field-of-view AR displays
  3. Mapping of real world to enable persistent AR ‘mirror worlds’
  4. 5G mobile devices reduce latency to imperceptible levels
  5. Eye-tracking and facial expressions built in for full natural communication

Read the full article on here.

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