Augmented Reality in Education – Maryville University Guide

Readers may be interested in a guide to Augmented Reality in Education by Maryville University.  The full resource can be accessed here:

The contents of this comprehensive guide are as follows:

  1. What is augmented reality?
  2. Benefits of augmented reality in education
  3. Augmented reality in education examples
  4. Augmented reality in higher education
  5. Augmented reality apps for education

Benefits of AR

AR can have a significant impact on learning environments:

  • Student engagement and interest: Student interest skyrockets with the opportunity to engage in creating educational content. AR technologies can allow them to add to curriculum content, create virtual worlds, and explore new interests.
  • Learning environment: Classes that incorporate AR can help students become more involved. An interactive learning environment provides opportunities to implement hands-on learning approaches that can increase engagement, enhance the learning experience, and get students to learn and practice new skills.
  • Content understanding: Lack of quality content focused on education, rather than entertainment, is a noted concern among teachers hesitant to use augmented reality in education. However, existing AR technology enables teachers to create immersive educational experiences on their own to help ensure their students understand curriculum content.
  • Collaboration: As AR content is digital, it is easily shared. For example, a group of teachers can work with their students to continually refine the content. A collaborative learning environment provides students with increased motivation to learn because they are actively engaged in the educational content creation process.
  • Memory: AR is an excellent tool for bringing lessons to life and helping students remember essential details. For example, instead of just presenting photographs on a projector showcasing life in Colonial America, a teacher can use AR technology to create memorable interactive stories.

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