AR and VR in security – challenges and opportunities

An article on CIO Advisor makes a strong case for the challenges and opportunities in AR and VR security.  The internet catches sight of information and data such as an individual’s location, name, date of birth, shopping patterns, types of movies, friends and social data. This raises the risk of privacy getting shared, although no organisation or criminal will have access to one’s social security number, bank account details, medical history and credit card details.  With extensive use of smartphones, the extent of privacy has shrunk notably.

AR and VR technologies are exploiting the consumers and decreasing privacy to a new level. Concerning both the technologies an theme being in their initial development stage ,consumers have not the slightest idea regarding how the use of AR and VR devices are raising concerns about privacy. There are many aspects to issuing AR and VR. Hackers can gain access to a consumer’s AR and VR devices to record their interactions and behaviour.

These recordings are later layed out or used to blackmail the consumer for certain ransom money. The personalities that need to maintain specific images in the society have to refrain from sensitive situations.

Content producers are under constant pressure for VR and AR devices security. The public will always be impatient and request new games with individuals that are more realistic and improved. At the expense of full testing and security checks, an enterprise can speed up a products.

With constant flooding of the market with new applications and products, there will be undiscovered vulnerabilities which will be targeted by hackers. AR and VR tech manufacturers have an obligation to safeguard their devices from hacking.

Should an app or device be hacked, the cybercriminals may cause catastrophy. Both technologies have already become and integral part of healthcare. E-commerce internet sites have already been hacked, who attempt to steal consumer records, like card details through saved and connected mobile payment solutions. Thus, hackers will access the bank account discretely and deplete it completely.

As there are benefits to understand in AR and VR, there are its down as well that have to be dealt with urgently by the developers of devices and apps. Without the elements of good security practices, both AR and VR industries are doomed and prone to malicious cyber attacks.



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