APX Labs and Airwatch Partner to make Smart Glass Deployment Mainstream

The following summary relates to a blog item that appeared on AREA Member APX Labs’ website this week. A greater number of organizations, particularly those with a large hands-on workforce, are making use of augmented reality and smart glasses for ways to improve productivity, quality and operational efficiency. Now, configuration and management of smart glasses deployment is set to improve.

A partnership between APX and Airwatch, the largest global enterprise mobility management provider, was set up to ease the IT deployment of smart glasses. Last week at the Connect 2016 conference, Airwatch officially announced it will be building new features in collaboration with several hardware vendors, including Intel and VUZIX Corp, to support smart glasses into their VMware Airwatch enterprise mobility management platform.

APX have extended Airwatch’s management capabilities into their Skylight platform, which powers assisted reality applications on smart glasses. According to APX, the result will be the first fully-integrated enterprise mobility management solution for smart glasses available on the market.

The main drivers for this were APX customer requests from the likes of Boeing, who require methods of transition from pilot implementations to production-level deployment.

Being able to reduce overheads on configurations is an important factor in the industry as a whole. The new roll out will provide benefits in the form of seamless management of smart glasses, compliance with enterprise security policies, and configuration for specific users under the same device management console.

APX believes that this could be the start of making enterprise smart glass deployment more mainstream in the industry as a whole.

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