AirV Labs Wins Prestigious Manufacturing Innovation Award for Novel Virtual Reality Technology

Leading global Virtual and Mixed Reality company, AirV Labs, has won the NASSCOM Manufacturing Innovation Challenge 2020 in India, for its original use of 360° video technology. The challenge provided a collaborative platform for both industry startups and leaders to cultivate the innovation ecosystem in India and instigate a digital shift in manufacturing. The winner is guaranteed a one-year membership to the NASSCOM Centre of Excellence Acceleration Program in addition to a commercial project from Bayer CropScience, India.

AirV Labs is a Silicon Valley-based technology company specialising in analytics and VR-based solutions. Its award-winning tool, the AirVu™ Platform, allows a 360° video of a given scenario to be merged with three-dimensional data such as medical charts, automation, and CAD, as well as enterprise-level information such as inventory, bill of materials, and circuit diagrams. The company is able to efficiently prototype advanced cyber learning platforms, increasing the strengths of VR, AR, and MR tech, and producing a new immersive interface.

Faisal Yazadi, CEO of AirV Labs USA, is quoted to have said that AirV Labs winning the prestigious award validates their cost-effective technology which meets the increasing demands of the industry. He further stated that AirV Labs’s global team are primed to distribute innovative MR projects via partnerships and collaboration with industry leaders. The CEO of AirV Labs India, Chinmay Sengupta, is also quoted to have said that their technology will account for the current paradigm shift requiring businesses to re-strategise by enabling companies to sustainably manage global operations, providing their teams with a virtual learning environment.

The founder and global CTO of AirV Labs, Dr. Kesh Kesavadas, stated that the company is honoured to be recognised by NASSCOM as an AR/VR industry leader, as their technology addressing the demand for affordable yet rapid content creation is the result of six years of research at the University of Illinois. He claims that the AirVu™ Platform will deliver immersive learning to meet the requirements of the tech industry, education, and healthcare, especially in the current COVID-19 climate.

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