$20 Million Fund for Augmented Reality Startups Launched by Razer

A recent article on yahoo.com states how technology giant Razer has launched Zventures, a $20 million investment fund in order to help small startups, including those in Augmented Reality. CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan has told Digital Trends that investments will range from $100,000 to $1 million, in a number of areas of technology, amongst those AR.
This is now officially open for any company to pitch.
As a company, Razer has a number of attributes that will benefit those in which it will invest:
• Razer has one of the largest active user bases in the world, targeted more specifically at the ever growing gaming community; they may introduce this audience to the startups they work with
• The company has experience as both a hardware and software company, with the possibility of bringing such knowledge to the startups in which it will be investing. Not only this, they will also be bringing the relationships they have with such hardware manufacturers, and the knowledge of the life cycle of products at retail
• Razer has its own stores, and has partnered with retailers such as Best Buy in the US, and Media Markt in Europe. CEO Tan says that Razer can use its global distribution network, bringing those to the startups they plan on helping
Tan speaks about his excitement for the future of AR, saying how he thinks it will be “large and overlapping industries”. Being equally enthusiastic about investing in VR, CEO Tan says, “we will invest in both areas”.

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