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PwC blog – Organisational training using VR/AR

Sep 25 2018

PwC also has two dedicated VR/AR labs in London where they help clients discover the technology and devise their business...

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Mozenix – Augmented Reality & Industry 4.0: What It Means for CTO’s

Sep 21 2018

The author quite rightly points out that there is also huge emphasis on enabling enterprise decision-makers to better understand how...

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Augmented reality edges into IT operations

Sep 20 2018

But aside from smartphone-based apps such as Pokemon Go, and Google Translate, which can instantly translate street signs in foreign...

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Contractor trials mixed reality headsets on school site

Sep 20 2018

A customised app allowed the project team to then view and check a section of the project’s MEPH work. The...

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Mozilla Pushes WebXR as New Open Web API for Augmented Reality

Sep 19 2018

Lars Bergstrom, Mozilla research engineering manager for VR/AR, wrote: “We’re entering a new phase of work on JavaScript APIs here...

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New Augmented Reality Platform Could Help Save Lives in Combat and Other Crisis Areas

Sep 18 2018

The system they’ve developed links an on-scene medical professional with the world’s leading experts through a headset worn by the...

Read More + Raises $8M Series A for First Conversational AR and AI Platform

Sep 18 2018 shared with us their exciting news: “We just closed an $8M Series A round for our platform built specifically for pharma,...

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XMReality and Semcon initiates a strategic cooperation

Sep 17 2018

Semcon has experienced increased demand for digital content and live interaction from its customers and has invested heavily in AR/VR...

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IDC Forecasts Slower Growth for Wearables in 2018 Before Ramping Up Again Through 2022

Sep 16 2018

This will be the first year of single digit year-over-year growth for the wearables market, mostly due to continuing softness...

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Augmented Reality Everywhere

Sep 16 2018

Virtual reality (VR) immerses you in a fictional, isolated universe. Augmented reality (AR), in contrast, overlays computer-generated information on the...

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RMIT University opens short course in VR and AR driven by industry needs

Sep 13 2018

The announcement came in the same week as consultancy firm Capgemini released a report showing half of all large businesses...

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VR and AR expected to be mainstream in businesses by 2021

Sep 11 2018

The consultancy thinks that half of all businesses not already using AR and VR tech will start using it as...

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