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ISMAR 2017 Workshop on Enterprise AR Obstacles | Nantes, France | Oct 12, 2017

This half-day post-conference workshop will identify key obstacles facing AR adoption in 2017 and provide practical, data-driven measures and solutions to address obstacles identified by participants and members of the AREA.

Obstacles to enterprise AR adoption are varied and complex, involving many different groups with a wide range of constraints. Customers have many questions, including:

  • Which use cases should we prioritize?
  • What are the best data for AR experiences?
  • What are the strengths and pitfalls of AR tools and displays?
  • Who should be included in project planning and execution?
  • What metrics should we use to measure project outcomes?

This workshop focuses on these topics including:

  • Identification and classification of current and future enterprise AR adoption barriers
  • Appropriate measurement of enterprise AR adoption (penetration levels)
  • How to balance research and production-grade systems in enterprise environments
  • Design for success in enterprise AR introduction projects
  • Organizational measures to reduce enterprise AR adoption obstacles
  • Technology-supported measures to reduce enterprise AR adoption obstacles

For more information about ISMAR 2017 held October 9 – 13th, click here.

Call For Speakers

This workshop will feature presentations describing current or past research, lessons learned about or ways to address enterprise AR adoption obstacles and the topics of this workshop. Speakers are authorities in the field, including management consulting firms, systems integrators, large enterprises and researchers.

You can apply to speak  here. Speaker deadline is July 3, 2017.


La Cite Nantes Events Center
5 Rue de Valmy
44000 Nantes


This workshop is organized by AREA’s Christine Perey. Contact her at .