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Boeing’s Augmented Reality Projects Explore New Frontiers

Apr 28 2015

Boeing’s CIO Ted Colbert is fully in support of the continued growth of Augmented Reality projects under his watch. The...

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Zurich Insurance Expands Augmented Reality-assisted Training and Performance Support

Apr 22 2015

Zurich Insurance is preparing to roll out Augmented Reality-based learning system across 10,000 employees in 170 countries in order to...

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Use Cases for Augmented Reality in Navy

Apr 15 2015

Defense organizations have been integrating Augmented Reality into their soldier programs for longer than it has been available for commercial...

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Augmented Reality-assisted Package Delivery Testing by US Postal Service Begins

Apr 8 2015

Sorting and getting products to the right place without detours or delays is an increasingly competitive business. According to an...

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Architects Can Adapt Workflow for Augmented Reality

Mar 31 2015

Preparing data to make it useful in Augmented Reality view can present challenges to some enterprise data managers. Workflows need...

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Recon Instruments Integrates Jet Smart with SAP AR Mobile

Mar 27 2015

Canadian eyewear maker Recon Instruments announced in a press release that it has begun integrating its Jet Smart smart glasses...

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Earthmovers Need Augmented Reality Also

Mar 27 2015

BKT Tires is one of the leading specialty tire suppliers, providing tires for industrial, mining and agricultural vehicles. This post...

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Augmented Reality-Assisted Learning for Oil and Gas Sector

Mar 20 2015

The Qatar Petrochemical Company has revealed that it is beginning to collaborate with the leading university in the region to...

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DHL Moves Boxes Faster

Mar 19 2015

In January, DHL announced results of a trial in the Netherlands showing that picker performance could increased by 25% with...

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Continental Demonstrates Connected Technician

Feb 10 2015

According to the article in WardsAuto, German auto supplier Continental Corporatoin has developed a diagnostic tool for mechanics enhanced by...

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