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The Possibility Report – Immersive Technology Could Help Change How We Work

Mar 25 2019

Augmented reality (AR), which puts digital representations of objects into your physical space, could be the key to changing how we...

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Augmented Reality in B2B Sales – Forbes

Mar 22 2019

When you deal with business to business (B2B) sales, all properties of your product or service must persuade the potential...

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Future-proofing Irish economy with Emerging Technologies

Mar 11 2019

Heather Humphreys, the enterprise minister, is launching the plan at Dogpatch Labs in the CHQ Building in Dublin’s docklands today,...

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5 Digital Transformation Trends in the Factory for 2019

Mar 9 2019

While that primary objective doesn’t change much year to year, how manufacturers are achieving this goal is evolving at a rapid pace....

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Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 is meant for companies

Feb 26 2019

That makes working with HoloLens that much more immersive when you’re looking at the holograms it’s creating. And those can...

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IET and Catapult: Manufacturing through the looking glass

Feb 20 2019

Titled Through the looking glass – The rise of augmented reality and its role in the future of manufacturing, the paper...

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AR market expected to grow at significant rate with increased enterprise adoption

Feb 19 2019

The technology helps to cut major costs such as additional manpower. Several organizations including research and development labs are investing...

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Process Expo AR Showcase October 2019 Chicago

Feb 1 2019

Organized by Harvin AR, the PROCESS EXPO AR Showcase will feature demonstrations by participating PROCESS EXPO exhibitors that will highlight...

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Bosch saves 15 percent per step taken in Automotive Repair with Augmented Reality

Jan 28 2019

On top of this, there is a vast variety of versions for each vehicle model and type. Quite frequently, the...

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Digital Transformation and The Connected Enterprise – Rockwell Automation and PTC

Jan 28 2019

Automation Fair featured about 150 Rockwell Automation and partner exhibits, 95 technical sessions, 22 labs, and nine industry-focused forums. Attendance...

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