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Student Research Award Application

    Current Academic Status

    Any individual currently pursuing advanced degrees at an institute of higher learning is eligible to apply for a AREA Student Research Award. Please choose all the statements that apply to you from the list below.

    Applicant Information

    Full name (first and last)*

    Email address* (email must use an address affiliated with the institution of higher learning where you are enrolled)

    Institute of Higher Learning with which applicant is affiliated at the time of submission

    Department at this institution with which you are affiliated*

    URL to the department above: *

    Faculty supervisor name:*

    Faculty supervisor’s contact information:*

    Project Description

    Proposals must be at least 3 pages but not exceed 5 pages and must be uploaded as a PDF. Only project descriptions including all the following sections will be considered complete:

    a. Title of the research project
    b. Abstract (50 word maximum)
    c. Problem or challenge project seeks to address (specify which, if any, AREA Research Agenda topics are in scope for this project)
    d. Research methodology
    e. Hypotheses the project will test
    f. Anticipated analyses
    g. Relevance or benefits to the AREA/connection to Research Agenda topic(s)
    h. Risks/dependencies
    i. Explanation about how research award funds will be used
    j. If the project seeks any support from the AREA, explain the contributions that would be most valuable
    k. Any additional information that may support the project such as past research by the applicant

    Which of the AREA Research Agenda topic categories does this project most closely align with (See categories descriptions):


    Please upload a PDF of your project description using the button below. A letter of support (PDF format) also needs to accompany the applicant’s proposal.

    If you wish to provide any additional information that may support the project such as past research conducted on the topic or past research by the applicant, please feel free to upload as well.

    Upload Proposal

    Letter of Support

    Additional Information (OPTIONAL PDF)

    Contractual Terms and Conditions

    The applicant agrees to uphold the terms and conditions in the AREA Contractor agreement.

    Confidentiality and Disclaimer

    All information provided using this form and submitted in response to the AREA Research Student Award call for participation is considered confidential to the applicant and to the AREA Research Committee sub-committee responsible for the evaluation of submissions.