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AREA members and the members and staff of Standards Development Organizations are collaborating to target specific barriers to interoperability and/or promote increased awareness and use of existing standards. Where standards to meet enterprise AR requirements do not exist, participants in the program will encourage development of new standards for open and interoperable AR solutions. 

Program Goal
Approach and Actions
 Inform AREA members and the ecosystem at large about the barriers and approaches to  addressing lack of interoperability.
The AREA’s members and/or partners   are preparing and the AREA will promote white papers, webinars, blog  posts and other materials for public  dissemination.
Work with conference producers and standards development organizations to promote the AREA members’ interoperability programs, initiatives and values at events
 Develop, compile and provide enterprise AR interoperability requirements in a structured manner to SDOs and provider segment.
Using AREA-defined and structured tools, IT department staff from large enterprises seeking to integrate AR, will shed light on where/how they need integration with existing IT systems, between AR components and other emerging technologies.
 Provide detailed feedback on draft specifications seeking to address interoperability barriers.
SDOs will formulate and issue an invitation letter for AREA members to provide feedback to draft specifications with deadlines and forms to be completed.
 Support SDOs studying interoperability barriers and solutions.
AREA members will provide comments and feedback to working group charters, provide sample data or facilities and participate in testbeds.
 Testing of products using standards in real world settings.
AREA provider segment members with product implementations using standards may submit their beta products or services for testing by AREA members.

If you would like to know more about the AREA Interoperability and Standards Program or contribute to the achievement of these goals, please contact Christine Perey 

If you are an AREA member, send an email to and request to be added to the Interoperability and Standards mailing list.

We also publish in the AREA monthly newsletter and on our social media channels, regular announcements about new resources and planned events that support this program. 


The AREA Interoperability and Standards Program hosts webinars on topics and trends related to the program.

Publicly available webinars are currently (more recent at the top):