Protected: PTC-hosted AREA Enterprise AR Interoperability Requirements Workshop

Date of Event:

Jan 14 2020


Boston, MA.


PTC Corporate Experience Center
121 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA.

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Overview of event

On January 14, 2020, the AREA will conduct its first full-day workshop to brainstorm and document enterprise AR interoperability requirements for workers who can use AR to perform operations on a shop floor more efficiently and safely. The use cases include providing job orders, configuring instruments or machinery, servicing or repairing components and machinery in a plant, ensuring correct materials are positioned with respect to machinery and support critical processes, navigating a user to job site, delivery of complex instructions, quality inspection and remote expert support.

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For those arriving on January 13, 2020, there will be an evening reception organized. The workshop will be held from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern (Boston, MA).

 Session  Start  End
 Badge pick up/coffee  8 AM  8:30 AM
 Opening Session  8:30 AM  9:15 AM
 Break  9:15 AM  9:30 AM
 Brainstorming  Small  groups  9:30 AM  10:30 AM
 Brainstorming  Small groups  10:30 AM  11:30 AM
 Tour of the PTC CXC  11:30 AM  12:00 PM
 Lunch  12:00 PM  1:00 PM
 Brainstorming  Small groups  1:00 PM  3:00 PM
 Prioritization and Processing   3:30 PM  4:15 PM
 Closing/Next Steps  4:15 PM  5:00 PM


Registration and Fees

Participants must pre-qualify by completing a short questionnaire about their status and experience with enterprise AR. 

Qualified applicants will receive an e-mail containing the link to the AREA workshop registration page. 

 Participant  Early Bird (before or on Oct 31)  Regular
 AREA Member  $120/participant  $150/participant
 Non-Member  $150/participant  $180/participant


Location and Travel

The workshop will be hosted by PTC and conducted at:

PTC Corporate Experience Center
121 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA.

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