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Medical Wearables Can Reduce Cost and Time

Sep 9 2016

An article from the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry website explains how digital health solutions in the form of wearables...

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Augmented Reality Apps Fast-Approaching in the Enterprise

Sep 8 2016

An article by TechTarget explains that since Augmented Reality is no longer restricted to entertainment and gaming, AR applications will...

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Augmented Reality for E-Learning

Sep 2 2016

At The AREA we are keen to bring a wide perspective on as many industries as possible in which Augmented...

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Augmented Reality in Recruitment, Training, and the Workplace

Sep 1 2016

A blog article on Equator HR provides an interesting perspective on the potentials for the more human aspects of Enterprise...

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Augmented Reality: Past, Present and Future

Aug 30 2016

A recent article on walks us through the past, present, and future of Augmented Reality. Featuring images from a...

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US Government Tech is Taking Notice of Augmented Reality

Aug 24 2016

An article that recently appeared on the Gov Tech website argues that the popularity of Pokémon Go and the development...

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Augmented Reality Could Reshape Collaboration

Aug 24 2016

An article in Biz Tech Magazine quotes the CTO of CISCO Systems’ Collaboration Technology Group, John Restrick, who was speaking...

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Augmented Reality Article Roundup August 2016

Aug 22 2016

At the AREA we continually sift through industry publications and blogs on the topic of enterprise Augmented Reality. Some news...

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New report predicts AR and VR will be widespread across GCC by 2025

Jul 4 2016

A press release dated July 4, 2016, by Zawya reveals that AR and VR will radically change private and public...

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DMDII Funds Augmented Reality Manufacturing Projects

Jun 16 2016

An article on reveals that Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) has issued $12 million across seven contracts...

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