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Putting the ‘work’ into ‘AR Workshop’

Dr. Michael Rygol
Apr 26 2018

Deep in the snow of a wintery Chicago, the annual AREA/DMDII workshop was a hotbed of activity! The sessions attracted...

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‘Tis the season. The event season.

Angela Lang
Apr 17 2018

April onward sees a real upward spike in the number of conferences and events around the world as exhibitors and attendees...

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Alex Gibson Interviews AREA’s Mark Sage at AWE Europe 2017 in Munich, Germany

Nov 6 2017

In this podcast, Alex Gibson of 103.2 Dublin City fm reports from AWE Europe held in Munich, Germany on 19...

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IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

IoT Solutions World Congress
Apr 3 2017

Information about the IoT Solutions World Congress (Barcelona, 03 – 05 October 2017).  Calls for papers closes. on April 15 2017....

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Augmented World Expo Europe 2016: A Review

Nov 7 2016

The inaugural Augmented World Expo (AWE) Europe is now history. The big conference and exhibition that for seven years has...

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ARLU—the Right Event at the Right Time

Jul 20 2015

EPRI is proud to collaborate with the AREA on the first ever Augmented Reality in Leading-Edge Utilities (ARLU) this July,...

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Events are Beginning to Focus on Enterprise Augmented Reality

Jan 26 2015

Look out! Your travel schedule is already overloaded but there are new events where the topic of enterprise Augmented Reality...

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