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Mixed Reality: Just One Click Away

Feb 16 2017

Author: Aviad Almagor, Director of the Mixed Reality Program, Trimble, Inc. Though best known for GPS technology, Trimble is a company...

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The 1st AREA Ecosystem Survey is Here!

Jan 23 2017

The Augmented Reality (AR) marketplace is evolving so rapidly, it’s a challenge to gauge the current state of market education,...

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The AREA Issues Call for Proposals for an AR Research Project

Jan 23 2017

The AREA has issued a request for proposals for a funded research project that its members will use to better...

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GE’s Sam Murley Scopes Out the State of AR and What’s Next

Jan 18 2017

General Electric (GE) has made a major commitment to Augmented Reality. The industrial giant recently announced that it plans to...

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The AR Market in 2017, Part 4: Enterprise Content is Not Ready for AR

Jan 12 2017

Previous: Part 3: Augmented Reality Software is Here to Stay   As I discussed in a LinkedIn Pulse post about...

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The AR Market in 2017, Part 2: Shiny Objects Attract Attention

Dec 18 2016

Previous: Part 1, Connecting the Dots   There’s a great deal of attention being paid to the new, wearable displays...

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The AR Market in 2017, Part 1: Connect the Dots

Dec 13 2016

In your profession, you’re one of those who are most aware of future technologies. The proof of this fact is...

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Welcome Lockheed Martin to the AREA

Dec 7 2016

The newest member of the AREA is one of the largest companies in the aerospace, defense, security, and technologies industry...

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A Partnership Model for Augmented Reality Enterprise Deployments

Aug 15 2016

Due to the potential to radically change user engagement, Augmented Reality has received considerable and growing attention in recent months....

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What Pokémon Go Means for Enterprise Augmented Reality

Jul 31 2016

Since its release on July 6th, Pokémon Go has become a global phenomenon—with downloads of the mobile app exceeding 75...

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