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Barriers to and Drivers of Adoption of Real-Time AR-assisted Inspection for Quality and Compliance

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Many industries have government or safety regulations with which companies must comply (e.g., OSHA for health and safety and QSIT defined by the FDA in the USA). In some industries and companies, inspectors must confirm that quality requirements (e.g., ISO 9001 and ISO 13485) are met. Frequently, an employee needs to wait for an independent and objective inspector to review and approve a task or product before continuing to another work order or repeating the tasks. This lowers employee productivity. Inspectors are limited in number and are valuable resources which, without automated or AR-enabled systems may spend a portion of their time traveling between sites where they perform inspections for relatively short duration. Despite efforts to be consistent and diligent, inspectors may also differ in their application of criteria between one another or between days and times of review, introducing variability and potential risks.

Executive Summary: AR-assisted inspection is a use case category with great potential for ROI across many industries but is not as well documented/publicized as step-by-step instruction delivery (task guidance), remote assistance and training. This project will study and document the most popular and the highest impact AR-assisted inspection use cases, identify barriers to their adoption and drivers or metrics to quantify their potential and propose implementation strategies.

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Project Goals


This AREA research project will produce the following deliverables:

D1 – A report documenting:

D2 – An interactive tool to assist the member to:

D3 – A decision support tool for identifying and overcoming barriers to adoption, including but not limited to:

D4 – A webinar and executive summary for public audience


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Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, the research project is expected to take approximately 110 days. Research will be completed, and finished deliverables provided to the AREA by January 17th 2024.

Budget for this Project

The AREA Research Committee budget for this project is $15,000.


For answers to any questions concerning this project and the AREA Research Committee, please send an email to the Research Committee.

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