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Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform Receives FDA Clearance

Jun 30 2014

CLEVELAND – Surgical Theater, LLC today received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance on the recently launched Surgical Navigation Advanced...

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Virtual Surgery: The Operating Room Goes High-Tech

Jun 18 2014

Bloomberg TV features the use of Augmented Reality in surgery in this news segment. Watch the video for more.

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Augmented Reality Tablet Enables Designers To Sketch 3D

Jun 17 2014

Currently in design environments and scenarios, there are no real shared digital-creation platforms. Furthermore, designers must master some complex CAD...

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Lowe’s Turns to Augmented Reality for Planning Projects

Jun 11 2014

The second-largest home improvement store in the United States will transform the in-store experience it provides to customers by building...

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Jun 10 2014’s Wear cloud platform is a developer pack that is targeted towards app developers to create enterprise apps for all...

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Bosch Mobile Architect Believes AR and Smart Glasses will Revolutionize Manufacturing

Jun 7 2014

During the SAP 2014 SAPPHIRE event in Orland, Florida, a panel included Bosch global mobile architect Sascha Markus. Markus asserted...

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Festo Augments its Biomechantronics Poster

Jun 6 2014

Festo is a worldwide leader in automation and a world market leader in technical training and development. When presenting its...

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AR is the Future of Technical Documentation: Juergen Lumera Explains Why Bosch Automotive is Getting into Augmented Reality

Jun 5 2014

Press Release: Augmented Reality applications specifically provide computer-assisted, additional information. For example, three-dimensional objects, explanatory texts, pictures or videos are...

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Logistics 2.0 – Augmented Reality Transforms Logistics Processes

Jun 3 2014

Bonn, Germany: DHL has issued a new study on Augmented Reality in logistics, focusing on possible applications of this emerging trend...

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Seabery’s SOLDAMATIC Training System Receives 2014 Auggie Award for Best Enterprise Solution

Jun 2 2014

Seabery’s SOLDAMATIC, the Augmented Reality-assisted training technology (SATT) system for welders, has been recognized for its innovation and ability to...

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Augview: AR Mobile Asset Management Application

May 27 2014

Augview connects directly to one or more GIS servers using a secure internet connection. The web server then supplies geographic...

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EasyJet to Deploy Augmented Reality for Maintenance

May 7 2014

EasyJet is planning to implement Augmented and Virtual Reality technology using Epson and Vuzix glasses to enable collaboration between technicians...

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