Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

The 6th AREA Research Project

Web-based AR for Enterprise Applications

This Executive Summary provides an overview of the complete research report.  It describes an alternative to native applications for authoring, delivery and presentation of AR applications for the enterprise that is emerging — Web-based AR solutions, also known as the immersive web.

Web AR is the use of common Web architectures, tools and processes for authoring, publishing and disseminating experiences using familiar Web browsers as the delivery software and user interface. With Web AR, visiting and sharing a URL – viewable by any end user on any operating system or device, will be familiar to anyone with experience using the Web today.

The full report is available only to AREA members. It is designed to inform and empower AR technologists as they explore Web AR as a resource in their AR portfolio. It was written to help our members converse with enterprise stakeholders and Web AR solution providers without confusion or ambiguity. With this knowledge, you can choose if, when, and how to take full advantage of emerging web AR technology.

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