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The Tech Between Us Podcast Immersive Technologies – chat with Mark Sage, Executive Director of AREA (Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance) to discuss the capabilities of immersive technologies in global business sectors and the expanding applications of the technology. Then explore more from our sponsor partner Microchip Technology.


Jeremy Dalton, PwC’s Head of XR, speaks to Mark Sage of The AREA about his new book, Reality Check,

One of the biggest challenges of successfully implementing Enterprise Augmented Reality – and the wider scope of eXtended Reality – is getting started.  How do you start the conversation within your company, and, more importantly, who should own XR within an organization? Don’t miss this must-listen, 17 minute conversation filled with insights into how to get started in Enterprise XR here.


The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed an unprecedented impact across the global business landscape. Over recent months, many countries have implemented various forms of lockdown, severely limiting the ways that companies can do business, and, in many cases causing operations to cease. This crisis is likely to have an ongoing impact in the months ahead as we transition to a “new normal” and beyond. Listen to this ~10 minute podcast where AREA’s Researcher, Dr. Michael Rygol, discusses the crisis and read the accompanying editorial here.

Build or buy? This is a question with no simple answers. As enterprises contemplate deploying AR solutions, one of the first questions to confront them is a fundamental one: should we build or buy? This AREA editorial explores the factors that may help organizations answer this critical question. Don’t miss out on the accompanying article here.

Dr. Michael Rygol, AREA Researcher, discusses the topic of technology strategies and how they relate to embracing enterprise. Learn more by reading the related AREA editorial.

Hear from Mark Sage, the AREA Executive Director about the key AREA achievement in 2019 and what to look forward to in 2020.

In this podcast, which complements a recent AREA editorial, Michael Rygol describes a number of current barriers to adoption for Enterprise Augmented Reality and what is being done by the AREA community to overcome them.

Hands-free AR devices like those made by Kognitiv Spark are changing the way we work by helping us all work smarter, not harder. CEO Yan Simard drops in to remind enterprises shy to get started enhancing the workplace with XR technologies will — should they wait too long — be left in the dust.

AR dragons, psychedelic displays at Coachella, and other digital gizmos made possible with XR technologies are fun and all, but Mark Sage, founder of AREA, is on the more pragmatic side of the table; he loves it when XR technologies can solve real-world problems for businesses. Mark and Alan sit down to discuss how to do that, and how that creates a better ecosystem for enterprise XR to thrive.

Mark Sage, Executive Director of the AREA explains in this EEF Manufacturing Network podcast what Augmented Reality is, the barriers to adoption and the RoI calculator which can help SMEs make decisions as to whether AR is right for their business.
If you have any questions about augmented reality or the AREA then just send @Mark Sage a message via the Network.


Mark Sage, Executive Director of The AREA, hosts this podcast highlighting the latest advancements in AR for the enterprise by AREA members at AWE Europe 2017 (recorded October, 2017). Featured speakers include: Christine Perey – PEREY Research & consulting; Carl Byers – Chief Strategy Officer, Contextere; Juergen Lumera – Global Augmented Reality Product Management Director, Bosch Automotive Services Solutions.


In this podcast, Alex Gibson of 103.2 Dublin City fm reports from AWE Europe held in Munich, Germany on 19 & 20 October 2017. This is Europe’s largest gathering of Augmented and Virtual Reality professionals and among those interviewed are Mark Sage from The AREA (Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance) [at 15:35 into the show] and Ryan Pamplin, VP Evangalist from MetaVision who were showcasing their Meta 2 glasses.

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