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The 1st AREA Ecosystem Survey is Here!

Jan 23 2017

The Augmented Reality (AR) marketplace is evolving so rapidly, it’s a challenge to gauge the current state of market education,...

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The AREA Issues Call for Proposals for an AR Research Project

Jan 23 2017

The AREA has issued a request for proposals for a funded research project that its members will use to better...

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The AR Market in 2017, Part 4: Enterprise Content is Not Ready for AR

Jan 12 2017

Previous: Part 3: Augmented Reality Software is Here to Stay   As I discussed in a LinkedIn Pulse post about...

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New Executive Director Reports on AWE ’16 and Members Meeting

Jun 9 2016

As the incoming executive director of the AR for Enterprise Alliance, I was very excited to attend my first Augmented...

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Event Report: The First AR Standards Hackathon

May 29 2016

A hackathon is an event to help groups of people with different skills collaborate intensely over one or two days...

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Interview with the AMRC: Augmented Reality in Advanced Manufacturing

May 22 2016

Augmented Reality will play an important role in the future of manufacturing, but the details about where, how and who...

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Augmented Reality in Future Manufacturing

May 2 2016

In a previous post we described how, by developing a new framework that leverages Augmented Reality, IoT, social networking and...

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Factories of the Future

Apr 3 2016

In a blog post last month, Giuseppe Scavo explored the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the growing trend of...

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Advancing Toward Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality

Nov 8 2015

Enterprise Augmented Reality engineers and content managers who published experiences created with Metaio’s software tools have or will soon encounter...

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