Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

The 1st AREA Research Project

Wearable Enterprise AR Security

The investigative team at Brainwaive LLC conducted comprehensive research, led multiple industry stakeholder interviews, and conducted hands-on evaluation of several market-leading headsets to develop and validate a comprehensive approach for assessing data vulnerabilities and formulating risk mitigation plans. Results of that work are provided in “Wearable Enterprise AR – Risks and Management.”

The companion report “Wearable Enterprise AR – Security Framework and Test Protocol,” builds on the first report, and draws on decades of experience by Brainwaive team members in developing global cyber security standards to generate a new AR Security Framework for the AREA.

The new framework supplements key elements of existing standards with original work to cover security gaps introduced by emerging wearable AR solutions. A comprehensive Test Protocol is provided for enterprise users and supporting stakeholders to methodically evaluate their cyber security posture against the framework.