Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

2nd Annual AREA & DMDII AR Workshop




Join AREA and DMDII at a workshop focused on the future of Augmented Reality (AR) in the industrial setting. The event will provide an opportunity for manufacturers and AR providers to openly discuss the unique challenges and applications of AR technology in an industrial setting and will feature a showcase of cutting-edge AR technology in addition to speakers, a panel discussion on change management led by AREA, and interactive sessions on AR safety led by Boeing and security led by Brainwave LLC.

Participants also will review and discuss the new “Augmented Reality Statements of Need” which can serve as blueprints for companies looking to make investments in this area. The current statements of needs have been adapted from the initial hardware and software functional requirements developed and presented at the 2017 AR Workshop by Lockheed Martin, Procter & Gamble, and Caterpillar, which was covered in Industry Week.

Reasons to Attend

Who should attend?

The ideal workshop attendee is someone who champions AR within their organization or has expertise in manufacturing safety or cybersecurity. This workshop will also provide organizations that are considering investments in AR, consultants looking to advise clients on breakthrough technology, and manufacturing investors looking at AR as competitive advantage an opportunity to interact with various hardware and software providers and other manufacturers currently adopting the technology.

Interested in attending?

If you feel your company is a good candidate to participate in this event, please fill in the fields below and an AREA representative will contact you with more information.