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Augmented Reality has been the subject of scientific and engineering research for decades but has only recently been brought to the attention of wider audiences. As the concept is broad, it is easily confused with other new and emerging technologies with which it shares attributes.

The AREA has compiled the following list of key AR terms and their definitions to help enterprises understand what distinguishes AR from other technologies and to provide a helpful reference when reading about AR-specific tools and concepts.

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Augmented Reality Authoring System

Augmented Reality Authoring Systems are software programs that enable a user to create AR experiences. An AR Authoring System combines trackables (created using features of the real world and a tracking library) with digital content that is encoded into presentation data and then assigned interactive functions (e.g., see more details, show relevant info, move and freeze in position, hide/close). The AR authoring system uses databases to store the scene elements – trackables, presentation data and interactions.

AR Execution Engine

AR Execution Engines are the software components that present the AR experience to, and manage the interactions with, the user while recognizing and tracking the real world.

Augmented Reality SDK

An AR Software Development Kit (SDK) is an all-inclusive software package for creating AR applications. An AR SDK may include: 2D and 3D tracking technology, image recognition and tracking, geo-location capabilities, support for cloud storage of objects, support for the Unity game engine, SLAM support, wearables support, and Application Programming Interfaces for different computer languages.

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