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Chalmers Research Institute will Study Augmented Reality in Smart Industry Lab

Aug 18 2015

Chalmers Research Institute has announced the opening of its Smart Industry lab on the Chalmers Campus Lindholmen, Sweden. Augmented Reality...

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Blog on The Economist Demystifies Enterprise Augmented Reality

Aug 17 2015

We’ve detected an increase in the frequency with which major business publications are writing about enterprise Augmented Reality. This post...

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Defining Augmented Reality Remains a Challenge

Aug 14 2015

Advocates for Augmented Reality continue to find it challenging to communicate the benefits of the enabling technology when so many...

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Apple Rumored to be Developing Augmented Reality Windshield

Aug 13 2015

In yet another sign that Apple is developing or planning to introduce systems using Augmented Reality, tech analyst Chip Chowdry...

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Augmented Reality Can Change Manufacturing Processes

Aug 12 2015

Catavolt, a provider of enterprise application mobility solutions, has published a new eBook about optimizing manufacturing processes with real-time data...

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VR and Augmented Reality Investments are on the Rise in 2015

Aug 10 2015

According to a post published by CB Insights, VR and Augmented Reality companies are receiving a lot of attention from...

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Tips for Bringing Digital Experiences Into the Real World

Aug 7 2015

“The simplest things in life are often the most difficult to perfect – especially things that we normally take for...

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SMI Introduces New Mobile Eye Tracking Algorithms and Platform

Aug 6 2015

Many hands-free Augmented Reality-assisted display providers are experimenting with voice, gesture and touch for user interaction. One of the options...

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3D Interfaces Offer Users Infinite Space

Aug 5 2015

In this essay published on the Singularity Hub blog, Jody Medich, a consultant and 3D user experience designer, compares how...

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Pelican Imaging Announces Depth Sensing Camera Array has Been Integrated

Aug 4 2015

Pelican Imaging provides computational camera solutions that capture depth at every pixel, giving users the freedom to refocus after the...

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Magic Leap’s User Interface for Augmented Reality

Aug 4 2015

Fast Company takes a look at the 106-page patent filing of Magic Leap, an Augmented and Virtual Reality startup that...

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Sikorsky Seeks Augmented Reality Innovations with Entrepreneurial Challenge

Aug 3 2015

Augmented Reality will eventually have an impact in most industries but some industries are earlier to adopt than others. Boeing,...

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