Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

9th AREA Member Research Project Topic Ballot

Voting Process

Deadline for all votes: January 18th 2021

As a member in good standing you are invited to vote for one of the 9th AREA-directed research project topics.

Explanation and supporting materials for each of the topics has been prepared by the members for your review. In the table below please find:

  • Topic number
  • Name of member organization submitting the topic
  • Title and links to a short recorded video or presentation
  • PDF containing an overview and justification for the topic
  • Presentation slides containing additional information about each topic

Each AREA member organization has one vote. Votes are weighted by class of membership as follows:

  • A sponsor member vote counts 4 points
  • Contributor member vote counts 2 points
  • Any organization that has submitted a topic may also vote and this counts 1 point

If you have any questions or require further detailed information about the AREA Research selection process, please request details of the policies and procedures by sending e-mail to the AREA Research Committee Chair, Christine Perey or Executive Director Mark Sage.

The deadline for this ballot is January 18th 2021, 5pm Eastern.

Please review the materials below and then use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your vote.  

9th AREA Member Research Project: Introduction by Mark Sage AREA

Topic number Member Proposal topic Video/Presentation (where available) Proposal  materials    (Powerpoint) Proposal  materials (Pdf)
#1 PEREY Research & Consulting
AR and 5G in the Enterprise 
#2 PEREY Research & Consulting Barriers to Adoption of Real Time AR-assisted Inspection for Quality and Compliance
#3 PEREY Research & Consulting
Using Standards to Streamline AR Experience Production 
9th AREA Member Research Project: Next Steps by Mark Sage AREA

Listen to the recording below which explains what happens next.

    Vote for your preferred research project topic

    Please vote for one of the above research project topics. Vote tally will depend on Membership level (Sponsor = 4 votes, Contributor and Non-Commercial/Academic = 2 votes, Members who contributed one or more research ideas = 1 point). Vote one time and for one topic only. Point levels will be applied during vote tally.

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