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Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit

Date of Event:

May 9-11 2019


Guangzhou, China


China Import & Export Fair Complex
No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road,

Overview of event

The VR/AR Fair of 2018 attracted a broad selection of attendees from government departments, investment institutions, media, associations and more. Held across an exhibition space of 20,000 sq.m., it received more than 120 well-known exhibitors, 50,000 individual visitors as well as over 600 overseas visitors. The 2019 year’s event promises to be bigger and better than before.

With over 100 brand exhibitors including JD.COM , HTC, Royole, DeePoon VR, Super Captain, Hiran and SLQJ VR this event aims to facilitate the cooperation between a range of VR & AR representatives.


This event will cover a broad area of topics and areas of interest, including:

▪ VR/AR Hardware Equipment: output/input equipment, data equipment, tracking equipment/system, location system and other tracking device, etc;
▪ VR/AR System Equipment: immersive VR system, desktop VR system, AR system, distri-buted VR system, etc. Visual sensor, auditory sensor, etc;
▪ VR/AR Technology: 3D output technology, environment modeling technology, 3D sound si-mulation technology, human-machine interaction technology, etc;
▪ VR/AR Production Equipment and Accessories: VR system, super computer, screen, mi-cro projector, video processing chip, sensor, optical glass, etc;
▪ VR/AR Game: VR park, VR experience, VR travel, VR/AR drive, VR shooting game, VR modeling game, etc;
▪ VR/AR Software: modeling software, development software, web3D technology, cult3D technology, VR modeling language, panoramic technique, etc;
▪ VR/AR Application Solution: vehicle production, equipment production, aircraft and space ship, national defense and military industry, medical treatment, etc;
▪ VR/AR Content Creation Demonstration

Location and Travel

Area A of China Import & Export Fair Complex
No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road,

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