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Tactile Augmented Reality is Approaching Reality

Jun 29 2015

For years most people have described Augmented Reality through its visual manifestation: visually perceived augmentations on the physical world objects...

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New Industry Event Focuses on Enterprise Use Cases and Customers

May 27 2015

The frequency with which new events focusing on Augmented Reality are announced is rising steadily. Some continue to focus on...

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Military Uses for Augmented Reality Connect Commander and Soldier

May 10 2015

It’s not difficult to see the inspiration of the popular movie, Minority Report, in the new project BAE Systems and...

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Augmented Reality-assisted Package Delivery Testing by US Postal Service Begins

Apr 8 2015

Sorting and getting products to the right place without detours or delays is an increasingly competitive business. According to an...

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Prototype Demonstrates How Blinking Offers New User Interaction Paradigm

Mar 18 2015

Engineers in the the Electrical Engineering Department at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed a...

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NASA to Test Augmented Reality Glasses

Mar 15 2015

NASA’s announcement that it is working on Augmented Reality for ground applications caught a lot of media attention. This interview...

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New Vice President for Defense Applications at Kopin

Mar 5 2015

Keeping track of the industry movers and shakers can be challenging in a growing industry. Kopin Corporation, maker of optics...

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OGC Members Ratify ARML 2.0 Specification for AR

Feb 26 2015

The OGC announces that its members have ratified and made public the ARML 2.0 specification version 1.0 for Augmented Reality.

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Navy Tries On Hands-Free AR Displays

Feb 10 2015

The military forces have long been able to use pre-commercial Augmented Reality components as part of their advanced technology for...

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