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Augmented Reality Diving Helmets Help US Navy

Jun 6 2016

The US Navy is developing a high-tech diving helmet that has the potential to make underwater missions a lot safer....

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Use Cases for Visualizing Data using 3D City Models

Dec 22 2015

In this paper published in the International Journal of Geospatial Information special issue on “Efficient Capturing of 3D Objects at...

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4Any Framework for Mobile Augmented Reality Systems

Dec 22 2015

Researchers at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia have published a scientific paper about the 4Any framework for mobile Augmented Reality systems...

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3D Vision Topics at the 12th European Conference for Visual Media Production

Dec 21 2015

As computing power increases and costs decrease, many technologies previously confined to motion picture studios, such as capturing temporally consistent...

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Enterprise Augmented Reality Featured in HBR Webinar

Dec 3 2015

In a recent webinar produced by Harvard Business Review (HBR), co-authors Michael Porter and Jim Hepplemann, CEO of PTC, summarized...

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Benefits of Wearables for Augmented Reality in Logistics

Dec 1 2015

There are many situations in which an employee needs wearables for Augmented Reality because they must use their hands to...

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Personality Type Impacts Wearable Hardware Acceptance

Nov 30 2015

Personality types are known to impact many aspects of our daily life, including user acceptance of having to wear unusual...

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EM-Sense Technology Adds to Sensory Awareness

Nov 19 2015

EM-Sense, a new technology developed by Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research, was introduced at UIST 2015, the ACM Symposium...

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IEEE ISMAR 2016 Details Announced

Nov 13 2015

The IEEE Mixed and Augmented Reality Symposium (ISMAR) is the annual research conference at which many important developments in the...

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University of Washington Releases Report About Augmented Reality Risks

Nov 10 2015

The University of Washington Tech Policy Lab, a collaboration between faculty and students in the School of Law, Information School...

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