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Field Service

AR-assisted field service supports users in accomplishing new or ongoing maintenance activities (corrective & preventive) of machinery and equipment by leveraging and augmenting key workflows, procedures and conceptual information selected from existing technical publication repositories, together with other corporate assets such as product information. AR...

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Article Inspection

AR-assisted article inspection permits users to efficiently assess the quality of goods produced in manufacturing processes, or to assess the condition of assets as part of maintenance. Using model-based object recognition, graphical overlays display the correct or optimal state of objects (as designed or planned)...

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AR-assisted assembly supports users in accomplishing manufacturing activities and product assembly processes, by augmenting key workflows and procedures using, where possible, existing technical publication repositories. AR Technologies AR-assisted assembly uses any technology for authoring, detection, recognition and rendering. Display options for AR-assisted assembly that permit...

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AR-assisted surgical systems support professionals in performing surgical procedures by providing interfaces to operating room medical devices, graphical overlay-based guidance, recording & archiving of procedures, live feeds to remote users, medical & dental records. AR Technologies AR-assisted surgical and operating theater-based systems use any technology...

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Product Design

In AR-assisted product design use cases, AR permits designers or architects to see (preview) a product or project while in development, proof-of-concept, and prototyping, in context and at low cost. The AR system renders digital data (finite element method data, technical annotations & comments, CAD...

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Aircraft Technician Training

Augmented Reality supports on-the-job training by providing aircraft maintenance technicians with visual guidance for complex tasks. Integration of AR guidance within electronic maintenance work cards reinforces task execution by displaying unambiguous, 3D maintenance information and instructions prior to starting a workflow. AR Technologies The following...

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Remote Visualization and Inspection

Augmented Reality-assisted remote visualization processes enable field service personnel to more effectively communicate with experts. Leveraging graphical overlays, work instructions, inspection sites and collaborative solutions can be simultaneously displayed between multiple parties, regardless of their locations. AR Technologies For these processes, any software architecture is...

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Assembly for Small, Mixed-Model Production

Augmented Reality-assisted assembly processes enable management of quality variation and customization within small batch production lines. Leveraging model-based object recognition, graphical overlays are provided to mobile visualization devices to show workers recommended processes and verify tasks are completed correctly. AR Technologies For these processes, any...

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Manufacturing Space Design

In AR-assisted manufacturing space design use cases, users analyze the current status of facilities by registering positions of equipment, generated with CAD models. Proposed environments can be visualized in Augmented Reality if any modifications or new equipment are necessary for optimal spatial layouts. AR Technologies...

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