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Vital Enterprises

Founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley, Vital Enterprises provides software for enterprise use cases with smart glasses in complex industries. The company focuses on quality assurance activities to deliver solutions for data display with hands-free user interfaces, as well as remote assistance with telestration by experts.

Background and Achievements

Vital View is the company’s flagship enterprise platform, which features an ambient, glanceable smart glasses display for delivering task instructions, auditable photo logging of work completed and quality inspections with expert support by means of remote assistance. The product works in conjunction with a range of best-in-class smart glasses from companies such as Osterhout Design Group and Google by reducing the complexity of operator tasks and improving efficiency and accuracy.

The platform also integrates customers’ business processes and data sources to provide dashboards for workflow management and analytics to monitor progress and discern performance trends for continuous improvement.

In 2016 the International Data Corporation (IDC) recognized Vital Enterprises as an IDC Innovator in the category Enterprise Platforms for Smart Eyewear, an award given to companies with revenues under $50 million that have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model, an innovative new technology, or both.

Challenges to Be Addressed

A key challenge to be addressed by Augmented Reality is quality assurance, which is one of the largest cost centers for any manufacturing company. According to a study, approximately 80% of manufacturing failures and defects are due to human error, with an estimated $30 billion being lost by US enterprises each year.

Vital Enterprises seeks to realize significant improvements for a number of potential issues by reducing:

  • Task completion time using glanceable work instructions
  • Wait delays by using remote quality inspections
  • First-time errors through controlled and standardized workflows
  • Errors and rework by capturing auditable photo logs of work completed

Another longstanding challenge is security of both networks and devices, with risks such as loss of data and security breaches creating concerns. Customers must carefully assess and quantify such risks before selecting software and hardware providers.

To address security, Vital Enterprises incorporates peer-to-peer communication and role-based authentication in its platform, which is also compliant with the ISO/IEC 27033 network security standard.

Why AR Is Strategic

As businesses become more complex, every instance where a human interacts with a product introduces an opportunity for error. By utilizing the growing market of smart, connected AR devices, companies can better prepare themselves and their workforce for an environment which does not succumb to the errors and learning curve that new technology typically represents.

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