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ThirdEye Gen


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300 Alexander Park Dr #206
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ThirdEye Gen

ThirdEye is a leader in Smart Glasses and AR/MR Software Development. Our X series Smart Glasses and ThirdEye App Suite Software Platforms are used by organizations around the world.

ThirdEye has created the X2 and X1a Smart Glasses, both powerful workplace AR mobile computing devices that develop, test and solve the most complex challenges faced across industries today. Paired with a customizable enterprise platform, over 20 industry verticals & Fortune 500 companies are leveraging ThirdEye’s hands-free application that places information directly in the user’s point of view to provide instruction for intricate tasks. From healthcare providers streaming data in real-time via their POV to medical experts to manufacturers looking to navigate a warehouse, ThirdEye’s offerings can be customized for any use case.

Background And Achievements

ThirdEye’s team has pedigree in the Augmented Reality space with 50+ years of advanced technology development expertise for the Department of Defense.
Our developed tech include laser range-finders for pre-shot threat detection, AR scopes mounted onto rifles, electro-optics design and Augmented Reality Head Mounted Displays (HMD) for the soldier including many patents in the field. We are proud to have developed for the most demanding use case – the US Soldier.
“Best In Show” at CE Week 2018
“Top 10 AR/VR Innovative Companies” – CIO review

Challenges For AR

One of the challenges of AR is to get headsets that are a small form factor while maximizing the field of field. Another challenge is to get AR to be a household name and be adopted by consumers worldwide.

Why AR

AR is a strategic area because it is the next generation of computational device. We have moved from desktop computers to laptops to phones and tablets and the next step is wearable tech where AR/MR will be heavily utilized.

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