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Stereoscape is the Smart XR partner for forward-looking companies. We harness augmented and virtual reality for professional use together with our clients. Our visual, interactive solutions help people understand complex information, increase operational efficiency and create new growth in companies. Read more at

About Stereoscape

Stereoscape is a Nordic pioneer in creating cutting-edge XR solutions that create real business benefits in stakeholder communications. During the years our team has proved their ability to help people understand complex information, increase operational efficiency and create new growth in companies. Using interactive 3D presentations and VR&AR technologies we enable improved digital collaboration, supplying for the increasing demand for remote communication solutions.

Background and achievements

Stereoscope’s story began in 2009 when it started creating stereoscopic 3D solutions and giving customers important ‘a-haa!’ -moments. The company’s mission has always been to make the way for an insightful learning experience with virtual information. At the moment the mission is to empower people over our current challenges by equipping large and corporate customers with new XR solutions.

During the years Stereoscape’s solutions and design processes have proven their quality in many past cases

  • AR featuring Kairos app, which makes aerosols, that have major impacts on our climate, visible on a mobile phone or tablet screen
  • Hybrid 3D/AR interactive product tour, which presented Nokia’s AI-powered customer service application to B2B customers
  • Hybrid 3D/AR/VR interactive product tour & virtual walkthrough, which communicates Arlanda airport’s future plans to variety of stakeholders
  • Life-size AR drilling experience for Robit showcasing the world’s largest down-the-hole hammer

More of our past case studies can be found here.

Challenges to be addressed by AR

AR provides clear benefits in the form of contextual, visual and real time information. The challenge might be for example, how to train employees effectively without losing too much time or money. AR provides clear step-by-step instructions and learn-by-doing experiences. These kinds of innovative solutions help substantially reduce human error caused by miscommunication.

Another context where interactive AR visualizations can help is sales and marketing, especially now. The challenge of marketing complex products can be overcome with AR’s ability to provide a clear understanding of product’s shape and size, as well as detailed structural information. With collaboration features included, people are able to communicate with one another clearly, even from a distance.

Why AR is strategically important?

The main benefit of 3D/AR presentations in communication is AR’s ability to contextualize complex information. Creating smart digital presentations enables successful transfer of knowledge from one business unit to another. Therefore AR can be utilized in internal processes like training & onboarding, operational remote support in maintenance & assembly and at the customer surface in sales & marketing. In all these cases the solutions present the vast libraries of information, transforming it into a form that is easy to internalize and work with. AR makes business more understandable, reducing cost and saving time.


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