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Remy De Vlieghere

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7 Union Hill Rd


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The goal of SmarTECHS is to build connected workspaces to create business capabilities in terms of safety, quality, compliance, productivity and workforce agility. Our focus is on empowering technicians all day with what they need to do the job right, the first time. Our priority is to provide a practical, secure and scalable solution to help solve real world challenges. Our pledge is to produce lean prototypes with systematic de-risking that accelerates deployment.

Background And Achievements

SmarTECHS is a startup that provides Assisted Reality software and services. We are working with key worldwide actors in the safety, automotive, aircraft maintenance, building materials and oil & gas industries.

Challenges For AR

Assisted Reality is a game changer in terms of improving productivity, quality, workforce agility, compliance and safety.

Why AR is a strategic area

Over the previous industrial revolutions, line workers have been left out. Today, technicians may be the weakest link in digital transformation. Assisted Reality empowers them by creating connected workers.

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