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Sarcos Corp.


Carrie Misleh

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360 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City UT 84108


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Sarcos™ is creating technology to empower people. A global leader in the development and production of robotics, micro-systems and sensor technologies, Sarcos develops solutions with broad benefits, assisting those in public safety, security, disaster recovery, infrastructure inspection, aerospace, maritime, oil and gas, and mining.

We enhance human productivity by making you stronger, keeping you safer, and getting you to places you couldn’t otherwise go. We don’t just build robots. We build new possibilities for the real people getting it done.

Background and Achievements

A spinout of the University of Utah’s Engineering Research Center, Sarcos leverages more than 25 years of research and development to make revolutionary robotics products designed to save lives, reduce injury and improve productivity, including the Guardian SGuardian GT, and Guardian XO.  The Guardian product line of robots represent the culmination of decades of advancements in complex electro-mechanical and biologically-inspired engineered systems.

Sarcos’ investors include Caterpillar, GE Ventures, Microsoft, and Schlumberger. Sarcos is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with additional offices in the Seattle area.

  • A top small business recipient of DARPA funding over the past three decades
  • Hundreds of patents issued and pending
  • More than $265 million invested in technology development
  • Only team in the world to have successfully produced a full-body, powered exoskeleton that augments human performance with enhanced strength and endurance in both the upper and lower body
  • A rich legacy of innovation across a wide variety of applications: fron advanced humanoid robots and dinosaurs at well-known theme parks, to the robotic fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, to NASA spacesuit-testing equipment, prosthetic limbs, and MEMS sensors
  • Award winning product portfolio – Guardian S (FastCompany, Best in Biz, TechConnect Defense), Guardian GT (Frost & Sullivan – Best practices in Technology Innovation for dexterous mobile robotics), XOS-2 (Time Magazine Innovation of the Year 2010).

Challenges to be addressed by AR

We see a number of possibilities as more exoskeletons and similar systems come into use, particularly regarding hands-free operation, and awareness of and interaction with the surrounding environment – for example, things like hazard avoidance and semi-automated user guidance.

Presenting critical, relevant information to our customers for the task at hand, and giving them simpler more intuitive ways to interact with that information and their surroundings can bring efficiencies to the job during the task and prevent unnecessary injury.

For example, hands free operation and voice activation will allow our customers to tell the system what to do without stopping what they are doing to touch a screen or type on a pad. The robot will provide immediate audio and visual feedback and share things such as digital three-dimensional models, video and safety warnings.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

AR is a strategic part of our integrated product strategy, and our vision. We see AR fulfilling many of the current challenges, while resulting in more efficient operations and safer employees. AR is the next step in human augmentation with robotic technologies.

Our Guardian S inspection robot will provide enhanced inspections through cloud-based AR that provides visual, contextual sensor-based information to the operator during the inspection.

Our Guardian XO, will be our first exoskeleton with an intelligent user interface that, through AR, will deliver on our vision to combine human intelligence, instinct and judgment with robotic strength, endurance and precision to augment worker performance.

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