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NSF EyeSucceed

NSF EyeSucceed brings together the power of Augmented Reality and wearable technology to transform how the food industry addresses real-world challenges, such as high labor costs, employee training, and consistent execution.

Background And Achievements

NSF EyeSucceed started in 2014 with a simple goal: to transform the way people interact with technology in the food industry to solve real-world challenges faced by businesses. Since then, through pilot projects, including one with Google during the outset of Glass, NSF  EyeSucceed has been innovating and creating solutions tailored to the specific needs of the food industry.

Our mission is to become the global leader known for wearable devices and cutting-edge technology that will transform how job functions are performed across the food industry. A Google partner since 2014, NSF  EyeSucceed pairs the latest, most advanced technology from Google, with our unique food-industry specific software applications to address challenges like labor costs, training and employee turnover.

We are food industry professionals with our co-founders having over 50 years of combined experience, including leadership positions at NSF International, Darden Restaurants, and the National Restaurant Association. We are leveraging that knowledge to produce real-world technology solutions for issues that have challenged the food industry for many years.

Challenges For AR

NSF EyeSucceed is leveraging the power of AR and wearable technology to transform how the food industry does business:
1. Smart Training: Take a leap into the future with a hands-free, at-the-workstation training program that avoids the shortcomings of existing employee training modalities in the food industry.
2. Reduce Labor Cost: Eliminate the need for peer-to-peer training and bring a higher degree of efficiency to the workplace.
3. Drive Consistent Execution: Combine wearable technology, computer learning and artificial intelligence to detect and record when employees deviate from standards while performing work functions and immediately initiate corrective actions.
4. Improve Food Safety and Quality: Engage in smart training and consistent execution to ultimately deliver improved food safety and quality.

Why AR

Most of the technology changes in the food industry over the last 20 years have been directed at the customer interface or have occurred through the mechanical automation of food production. When properly executed, automation has created much greater efficiency and, for the most part, improved quality. But at the same time, the increased speed of execution and the complexity of tasks have pushed the limits of human capability as we know it today.

The problems are quite similar at the retail and foodservice industry level. The menu is more complex, making proper execution more challenging than ever. And human error, particularly as it relates to the transmission of foodborne disease, is much more likely to be identified through scientific advances in both detection and the ability to trace back microbiological and chemical contamination in food. The overarching issue remains that there has been very little change in how we train employees, and we struggle with the ability to take remedial actions when critical food safety and quality steps are not properly performed. So as job tasks become more complex, the chances for failure become even greater and we continue to see widespread incidences of foodborne illness each year.

NSF  EyeSucceed welcomes the food industry to the new world of ambient intelligence where human error can be eliminated through the use of wearable devices and AR. This is the future of food and workplace safety, and it holds the key to reducing labor costs and optimizing operational execution throughout the food industry.

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