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LogistiVIEW Inc.


Seth Patin

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LogistiVIEW, Inc.

LogistiVIEW improves frontline productivity and job satisfaction by connecting workers with business systems, operational processes, and collaborative robotics. We revolutionize operational task execution using a patent-pending software platform on industrial smart devices. Augmented Reality provides intuitive graphical instruction, computer vision enables effortless data capture, and artificial intelligence drives adaptive process management. LogistiVIEW digitally transforms your workforce to improve visibility, productivity, and quality in unified commerce.

Background And Achievements

LogistiVIEW was founded in 2014 by Seth Patin, a serial entrepreneur and supply chain software veteran, with the mission of improving worker productivity and job satisfaction. In the first decade of his career in which he focused heavily on distribution and transportation, Seth observed that most enterprise systems are passive, hard to learn, and siloed. People, automation, and business information are often disconnected and optimized separately, if at all. LogistiVIEW believes that digital transformation of the workforce requires a platform to connect frontline workers with task information, operating procedures, and collaborative robotics to improve visibility, productivity, quality, and job satisfaction.

LogistiVIEW was one of four finalists selected from over 100 entries for the Best IT Innovation Award at MODEX 2018 and was named a Cool Vendor in Mobile and Wireless by Gartner in May 2018.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

LogistiVIEW uses AR to make work instructions intuitive and effortless. The primary challenges of optimizing the frontline workforce are training, efficiency, consistency, accuracy, and job satisfaction. Humans are naturally sight-driven and numerous research studies show that persistent, simple, graphical instructions are most effective. LogistiVIEW believes that by changing work instructions and data collection to use computer vision and AR, we can keep workers completely focused on their tasks and empower them with critical information that improves their ability to efficiently and consistently make correct decisions.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

Gartner analysts expect that a decade from now, it will be normal for frontline workers to collaborate with robots. The majority of the workforce will have grown up with intuitive AR, AI, and personal mobile devices. Captivating this new workforce requires a shift from passive text-based to AI-driven graphical interfaces. LogistiVIEW believes that intuitive AR is a key to connecting workers with everything around them.

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