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Kognitiv Spark


Duncan McSporran

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+1 506 470 8522

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Knowledge Park 4 – MeshWorx
50 Crowther Lane
Fredericton, New Brunswick E3C 0J1


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Kognitiv Spark

Kognitiv Spark is changing the way organizations share information and expertise between support centers and workers on the jobsite. By creating new holographic visualization, collaboration and connectivity tools powered by the Microsoft HoloLens, Kognitiv Spark is shaping the workplace of the future in a more visual and interactive way.

Background And Achievements

Kognitiv Spark is pioneering a low-bandwidth, highly secure architecture to enable the deployment of the HoloLens and other AR solutions in industry. Microsoft has identified RemoteSpark, the Kognitiv Spark platform, as the first tool to enable drag-and-drop of holographic assets on the fly from a desktop into the AR environment of a remote worker using HoloLens.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

Security concerns, bandwidth issues and resistance to adoption.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

As the fourth era of the Industrial Revolution occurs, the manner in which the future workforce interacts with knowledge and information will fundamentally change. AR is a key enabler to ensure that the industrial workforce is able to absorb and assimilate information in a manner that fully utilizes the most fundamentally learning mechanisms – through sight and sound. AR will radically affect the manner in which the workforce and supervisors maintain their situational awareness in a data-rich environment. It will empower impactful decision-making and decisive action in ways not previously possible in highly complex and involved systems of systems.

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